upass synthetic urine value pack
upass synthetic urine value pack
upass synthetic urine value pack

UPass Synthetic Urine Value Pack


Do you use synthetic urine on the regular? Be smart about it and grab our UPass Synthetic Urine Value Pack! With this bundle deal, you’ll get 4 bottles of UPass for the price of 3. That’s like getting an entire bottle of UPass completely free. And, if you’re into urine, who would say no to free piss?!

UPass Synthetic Urine comes premixed with all the ingredients your own whiz has, but doesn’t contain any toxins or bacteria that might be harmful to others. Whether you’re getting your wet-sex kink on, or you’re looking for a guaranteed, toxin-free urine substitute for calibrating urine testing equipment, UPass makes for the perfect substitute for human pee!

The UPass formula has just the right amount of urea, creatinine, vitamins and many other common ingredients found in human urine to make it the most lifelike replica for organic whiz. It even has the correct pH balance and specific gravity (density) of the piss your body makes. That’s why it’s praised by urine fetishists and lab technicians alike!

People who are into piss play can get down and dirty with UPass without risking transmitting any harmful toxins or diseases to their partners. Lab technicians can even use a bottle of UPass to help them calibrate their urinalysis equipment. Because this fake pee is nearly identical to human piss, but is guaranteed to be completely toxin free, it makes for the perfect control sample in laboratory experiments. Whatever you plan on stocking up for, you can be sure UPass will pass for piss every time!

Each bottle of UPass Synthetic Urine comes with 3oz of high-quality, laboratory crafted, fake pee. You’ll also get 1 hand warmer, 1 rubber band, and 1 flip-top cap to use for each bottle. The hand warmer can heat up your bottle of synthetic urine and keep it warm for up to 6 hours when attached with the included rubber band. The flip-top cap makes dispensing your fake pee even easier! Plus, each bottle has a temperature strip so you can be sure your urine is exactly at body temperature before you spray it where you need it.

To use, simply attach a hand warmer to a bottle of UPass with a rubber band and wait about 1 hour (or, simply shake well, remove the cap, and microwave for 10 seconds). This will bring your synthetic urine sample up to body temperature. Once the temperature strip reads between 94-100 degrees, you’re ready to let it flow! Give the bottle of UPass one last shake, open the cap, and empty the contents where you need ‘em!

If you’re into urine and need to save on cash, you’ve gotta snag this Value Pack. Split the extra bottles with your buddies, stash some away for later, wrap ‘em and give ‘em as gag gifts, or throw a piss party with your fetish friends! Whatever your plans, rest assured UPass will pass for piss every time!