Stash Strap

Leg Strap


If you’re new to the world of synthetic urine, you’ve gotta check out the leg strap! This one-of-a-kind strap is an amazing innovation that will help you up your synthetic urine game! Designed to help you store and transport your bottle of fake pee comfortably and discreetly, The Leg Strap is perfect to keep your synthetic urine secret on the down low. This neoprene band can be worn comfortably under your clothes for hours and perfectly holds a 3 ounce bottle of your favorite fake whiz.

Sure, you could store your bottle of fake piss in your pocket, but that bulge might warrant some questioning from your fetish friends. Many people try to store their synthetic whiz in their sock or bra, but - if you choose this method - you should know that the hot liquid pressed against your skin will start to become very uncomfortable within a short amount of time. And, since you never know when you’re gonna need to let it flow, that hot piss could be up against your body for hours! Some people try to conceal their synthetic urine in their purse or backpack, but nothing ruins the mood quicker than having to dig around in your bag in order to produce your bottle of fake pee. With the Leg Strap, you won’t even have to worry about keeping your bag close by. You’ll stay comfortable and your fake piss will be hot, ready, and easily accessible so you can get your kink on within a moments notice.

The Leg Strap was specifically designed to stash your synthetic urine so it doesn’t have to come in contact with your skin, but can still remain unnoticed when worn under your clothes. Better yet, the neoprene in the Strap will even help keep your fake pee sample warmer for longer! The Leg Strap is designed to stretch, meaning it will fit most leg sizes comfortably and won't slip or slide off of your thigh once it’s secured into place. Although it fits a bottle of UPass Synthetic Urine perfectly, it’s also a great travel accessory that can store your wallet, phone, passport, or any other small items that are important to keep close to your body. It’s even great to wear to concerts and shows in order to keep your valuables safe and close at hand.

If you need a way to comfortably conceal your bottle of synthetic urine and transport it to where you’ll be getting piss-freaky, the Leg Strap is the perfect option for you! It’s super easy to keep clean and it can stash your valuables time and time again. Plus, since it’s so discreet, you can rest assured that no one will ever know you’re wearing it. Your secret’s safe with the Leg Strap!