synthetic urine belt

Synthetic Urine Belt


The Synthetic Urine Belt is perfect for those occasions when you need to keep your synthetic urine secret on the down low. This nifty, fake pee delivery device allows both men and women to deliver the most lifelike urination simulation on the market. Specifically designed to store your fake pee safely and comfortably, the Synthetic Urine Belt can be worn under your clothes to discreetly transport and dispense your synthetic urine wherever you need it. If you’re looking to deliver a realistic, synthetic, golden shower, this is the device for you!

This urination simulation device comes with an empty, medical grade bag attached to an elastic belt that can be worn around your chest or your waist - choose whichever feels the most comfortable to you. The bag includes an attached temperature strip so you can make sure your fake whiz is perfectly at body temperature before you let it flow. You can easily fill the “piss pouch” with your synthetic urine sample using the included syringe. A small tube attached to the piss pouch allows you to easily dispense your synthetic urine with the push-button valve at the tip of the tube.

Other devices on the market require the use of two hands to operate them and make a “click” sound when opening. With the Synthetic Urine Belt, you can easily give a golden shower simulation with just one hand and its silent-flow system will make sure you deliver a completely noise-free experience. Keep in mind, though, the push-button valve is only silent when opening - not closing. So, once you’ve delivered your fake whiz, just zip up and leave so you don’t ruin the mood!

Since the Synthetic Urine Belt was designed to be used over and over again, it’s made from very durable materials and can be filled (and refilled) with your favorite brand of synthetic urine. We recommend using UPass since it comes premixed and ready to go right out of the box! One of the reasons the Synthetic Urine Belt is so affordable is that it DOES NOT come with any fake pee. Make sure you add some synthetic urine to your cart so you’ll be able to use your new device right when it arrives!

Each order of the Synthetic Urine Belt comes with one urination device (complete with the piss pouch, elastic band, temperature strip, dispensing tube, and silent-flow push button valve) as well as 1 sticky heat pack to help keep your sample at body temperature for up to 8 hours. You’ll also get one set of detailed instructions on how to properly fill, use, and clean your device. Since it’s meant to be reusable, we suggest you practice using the device with warm water a few times before you whip it out for an audience. There’s no sense in wasting fake pee! When you’re done, simply use the syringe to flush out the belt with warm water. Don’t use any soaps or cleaners in your belt.

If you need an easy and comfortable way to store, transport, and dispense your synthetic urine, the Synthetic Urine Belt is the perfect product to help both men and women give the most realistic golden shower simulation. Just don’t forget to stock up on synthetic urine and sticky heat packs so you can let it flow time and time again!